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Branch “Lepel MKK” JSC “Vitebsk meat-packing plant”, one of the largest producers and exporters of powdered milk and butter, has already been operating in the market of the Republic of Belarus for 70 years.

Today Lepel MKK whose motto is “Through quality to profits and through profits to quality” is indeed a leading producer of milk powder and butter in Vitebsk region, a winner of professional skills competitions and international exhibitions. Doing business with twenty countries of the world such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Venezuela and the Russian Federation, etc., it has proved to be a truly reliable partner.

Naturality is an advantage of Lepelka products, guaranteeing their safety for consumers and their favourable impact upon consumers’ health. Choosing Lepelka products means making the right choice!

The enterprise has been certified in compliance with the ISO 9001-2001 quality management system to manufacture powdered milk and butter, HACCP quality control system for production of milk powder and butter.