Milk powder

Cream powder

GOST 1349-85

Cream powder is a dairy product made by thickening and drying pasteurized mixture of sweet cow’s cream and milk.

Cream powder is a highly nutrient product. Powdered cream possesses high nutritive and food values and is characterized by a high bioavailability owing. It is also characterized by a good shipping quality and keeping quality. The product is intended for direct human consumption and processing into infant formulas and other foodstuffs.


Indicator nameNorm
Fat content ratio, %, not less than42,0
Moisture content, %, not less than4,0
Solubility index, sm3 of primary sludge, not more than

The first class product

The top grade product




Acidity, 0Т, not more than20,0
Shelf life and storage8 months at temperature from 0 to +10°С and with relative air humidity up to 85%.