Milk powder

Instant whole milk powder

ТУ РБ 100098867.151-2003

Instant whole milk powder is milk powder including agglomerated fine particles. It is instant and therefore is convenient not only for home use but also for catering.


Indicator Standard
Fat content ratio, % not more than 26,0
Moisture content, %, not more than 5.0
Protein content ratio in nonfat milk solids, %, not less than 34
Acidity, °Τ, not more than 18
Solubility speed ratio, %, not less than 40,0
Milk purity group, not lower than I
Solubility index, sm3 of primary sludge, not more than 0,1
Shelf life and storage 8 months at temperature from 0 to +10°С and with relative air humidity up to 85%.